About – KiloTape


What is KiloTape?

KiloTape is a super stretchy sticky adhesive tape also known in the weightlifting world as a form of "sticking plaster". Our weightlifting tape protects your hands and saves your grip in workouts which demand high volume or heavy loads on the bar. KiloTape’s primary use is to wrap the thumbs for a better, more comfortable hook grip. It is also commonly used to wrap the hands and wrists for better support than athletic tape can provide. Because of its elastic nature, KiloTape can be applied across joints and contours of your body. Our product is for athletes who show up and put in the work to get results. KiloTape was created to help you #showup every day to #raisethebar and be the best you can be.

Why We Exist

KiloTape is a startup founded in 2019, born out of the desire to help athletes perform better in a sport we are extremely passionate about. By providing a product that fills a need while supporting the weightlifting community we knew we could do more than just sell rolls of tape. Coach Tim Geiman and Athlete Seth Hernly believed they could bring the weightlifting and fitness communities a product that would be influential to their long term success as an athlete, while also providing them with a medium to support the community. Because of contributions from family, friends, and our amazing community team, KiloTape is available for online sales worldwide.

If you have an upcoming event, please get yours today and let us know how we can help you #raisethebar.